Staying the Course

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      I met with a friend today.  Instinctively when I sat down, I could feel the heaviness in her heart. I knew.  She was where I was not so very long ago— anxiety, questioning where to go, uneasiness of going back and forth of outcomes, and ultimately breaking down. Thoughts of continue trudging up the dark valley, praying and trusting there is light at the end of the tunnel or risking it all to hitch a ride to see the full picturesque view on the other side of the mountain?

      Our conversation got me to really start thinking. How did we ever get caught up in making the RIGHT decision? How did we get to the point that the next step will forever change the course of fate? Since when does one decision impact the overall goal?

      It doesn’t. Our lives are made up of many small, although momentous decisions that compound and make a large overall outcome. One small detour isn’t going to blow the whole thing.

      The beautiful truth is that there are many paths that lead us to our destination. Each of those paths has their own road construction, unique curves, newly paved sections, epic drop-offs, and forks ahead. And yet, all of those paths ultimately lead us to our Divine destination—and we are ultimately wiser for the path we chose.

      So why do we get so caught up in making the right decision?

      I believe it’s because we tend to get lost in our own thoughts and actually think that we have control in the outcome. The funny thing is, God knew all along where you would end up. When we try so hard to control the coordinates of the GPS, we tend to forget the beauty in the journey because we are so caught up with staying on course.

      What is the worst that could happen? We will either risk and grow or stay and mature. Either way, we learn from the experience and will be stronger from it.

      How to navigate your internal GPS:

      – Quiet your mind and start listening with your heart. All the chatter you’re listening to isn’t your heart (or God) talking.

      – Feel in your body which direction your intuition is guiding you. Your gut instinct is a real thing.

      – Check your batteries, do they need to be recharged? A new scenery or fresh perspective might do the trick.

      – Stop and stretch. When your mind has been running for so long, a good prayer and meditation session can do wonders.

      Stay the course, whichever route you take in your GPS. Life is about enjoying the journey, not how quick you get there. Navigating the detours and unexpected breakdowns are minuscule in comparison from the most beautiful of views of arriving at your destination.


Answering the Call

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            I never wanted to be the leader. The one who has to tell your dad that the spot on your mom’s MRI is a tumor because he missed the Doctor’s rounds. The one who has to shave your mom’s head for a full craniotomy. The one who has to coordinate all the calls and texts and updates because your mom is so loved and is on everyone’s prayer lists. I am the baby. This wasn’t supposed to be my job. I didn’t ask to be this kind of leader.

            But that’s the thing. God doesn’t call upon the most sought-after leaders. He picks the ones He knows will answer the call, whether they are a leader or not. Three years after not knowing if my mom would even wake up after so many seizures, here are the lessons I’ve learned from answering that call.

            Many of the times, you earn your wings on the way down. I knew how to lead, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I had to earn my wings in the midst of the storm. I had to learn how to rise above while the wind and rain were beating me down.

            How to prepare for the next riptide. Because we all know there will be another one. My mom’s tumor will come back. It has once already. I have learned that in order to float, you must be willing to surrender to whatever is headed your way. If you resist and struggle, not only will you wear yourself out, the sooner you will sink. Sharks will bite. Jellyfish will sting. Fish will nibble. Be prepared for the unexpected.

           Don’t settle. Once you get complacent, you don’t listen to what’s truly stirring inside. My mom started running at age 60 and had just finished running her fourth half-marathon 2 months prior to her seizures. She has taught me that it’s never too late to go after a goal, to dream a new dream, and to believe in yourself. Listen to that stirring in your soul. God is calling you to a bigger, better place.

           You can’t do it all alone. Lose the ego. Ask for help and be willing to have others help you. There is comfort in being surrounded by those who want to lift you. Extra meals, a few groceries, a coffee date, a few hours babysitting, rides to chemo appointments; whatever it is, let it in. Same goes with prayers. Give it to God, as He is the one orchestrating it all, anyway.

            Lastly, love. Unconditionally. Crack open your heart and soul to others who deserve it. And when you do, the dams burst open and you see and feel how the world responds in the ripple effect: shining, soaring, fully, and completely. You will never regret saying, “I love you” when you truly mean it, because holding those feelings and words back will hurt even worse than never saying them at all.

Tips on Holiday Eating

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Tips on Holiday Eating

So many of us think that if we make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas with watching our weight, we’re in the clear.  At the first of each year, we’re all ready to hit the ground running and give 110% to our healthier lifestyle.  Where in fact, it’s because we’re trying to end the year on a plateau from all the CRAP we’ve ate the entire 11 months before!  

Personally I have found that the holidays after the New Year that were always my troublesome times.  Give me candy gummy hearts any day before mashed potatoes and stuffing.  Chocolate Easter bunnies?  Hell yeah I’ll have two of those, paired with my three Cadbury Caramel Eggs!  And don’t even get me started on jelly beans.  I mean, who can even eat just half a bag?

Plus, then we’re adding on the full meal of a traditional holiday with all the fixings on top of the sugar high.  So, how do we keep this in check?  Well, I go back to my WW Leader days and tricks: 

  • Take a smaller plate, so you have less room to fit all the food on it. 
  • If that’s not an option, be mindful of your serving sizes so that you can drive a toy car around each of your food helpings. 
  • Focus on protein and veggies, and just have small tastes of the other fun stuff. 
  • Drink a glass of water before getting in the food line, it helps your eyes not be bigger than your stomach.
  • Move away from the table when you’re done. Go play with the kids and focus on burning some energy off with them.
  • Go for a walk after you eat, or better yet, start the day with a workout.  You won’t feel so guilty when you have already worked for that meal!
  • Keep your hands busy by helping clear dishes or putting things away.  It’s the mindless act of sitting and talking that gets many people in trouble.
  • When the meal is done, PUT THE FOOD AWAY!  Not on the counter, not in the family room with round two of dessert.  Away.
  • Every time you feel you need a snack or “just one more” bite, go to the kitchen and fill up on water.
  • Don’t tempt yourself by bringing all your kids’ candy home with you.  Save it at Grandma’s for them to enjoy next time, because you know Grandpa will eat it before then 🙂
  • Lastly, enjoy! Don’t deprive yourself, however, know your limits and choose what will satisfy that sweet or carb craving and enjoy it and be done with it.

It’s all about moderation, because you want to fully be present and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.  The food should be an accessory to the day, not the main event.  How do you stay on track with your plan during holidays like this?

The Importance of Personal Development


Have you invested in yourself lately? As in, have you taken the time to sit and read or listen to audio books/webinars/recorded calls that make you think or stretch you outside of your comfort zone?  You know the ones, that you want to write in the margins of the book or take extensive notes or even get that “a ha!” moment from?  Yep, that’s personal development.  

Investing in yourself is so important.  Why?  Because you deserve it.  Don’t you want to live the best life that you possibly can?  Don’t you want to be able to give 100% of yourself to others without feeling drained or taken advantage of?  Just 10-15 minutes per day of personal development will increase your productivity during the day, plus it will make you feel so good to unwind and take that time for yourself.  Do you wonder why successful people always seem happy?  Quite honestly, it’s because many of them are.  They’ve taken the time to invest in themselves, so that they can turn around and invest in their businesses and constituents.  Doesn’t that sound nice?

I’m on a mission, to really focus and invest in ME this April.  I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching and in order to be able to give all of me and be fully present, I need to be selfish and take time for myself each day.  Meaning, I am going to be fully present in my own life, which turns into being fully present in others’ lives.  My personal development is going to focus mainly on me and how to live a purposeful life.  I want to put my heart out there and hope others can see how beautiful and ragged and bittersweet and amazing and raw it is.  I am ready for this next chapter.

Does this sound like something you need to start focusing on as well, but not sure where to start?  Here are a few of my favorite books to get you started:

The Purpose Driven Life– Rick Warren

Jesus Calling- Sarah Young

Awaken the Giant Within- Anthony Robbins

Break Out- Joel Osteen

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth- John C. Maxwell

PUSH- Chalene Johnson


Try it, you won’t be sorry!  Share with me what you do for developing yourself, I’d love to hear!