Speaking Topics:

Hello…Can Anyone See Me?

So often we find ourselves struggling to stay afloat, wondering if anything we are doing matters.  Whether you are in cubicle 142, a SAHM, online entrepreneur, or leading from the back pew, we all have the innate desire to be seen and heard.  Through her quick humor, real-life lessons, and powerful message, let Kathryn share her exploration of finding peace throughout her life with trying to be seen.  Kathryn takes you on her journey through laughter, tears, and leaves you with an undeniable understanding of how much you contribute to the world.

Leveraging Your Leadership

What is Authentic Leadership?  Let Kathryn share and inspire leaders to give their true gifts to the world.  In this interactive series, identify strengths and skill sets that set us a part from the crowd.  Whether it is a corporate event, community partners, or fellow mothers who have been there and done that, Kathryn incorporates how telling our stories and sharing out gifts naturally enables us to lead others intentionally and authentically.  Use those sticky situations, silver-lining lessons, and soulFULL stories to share, connect, and empower those around you!

Finding Beauty in Rock Bottom

We all have our rock bottom—whether it’s a diagnosis, an overdose, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job that defined us, a spouse cheating. Whatever it is, we know how deep, long, and harrowing the tunnel gets. How everything is stripped away until all we are left with is ourselves.
Hitting rock bottom is hard, lonely, powerful, and heartbreakingly beautiful. In this keynote, Kathryn shares the lessons she has learned from hitting rock bottom three times.
First, in a tragic car accident at the age of 15 where she lost her best friend. She was the one driving. Secondly, at the age of 19 when her brother was killed in another car accident one mile from her childhood home. Lastly, her mother’s diagnosis of an 11-mm primary brain tumor.
Grief, pain, and anger make an appearance, but this keynote is themed on hope and resiliency. That even though rock bottom is one of the most excruciating and loneliest places we would ever be, true strength and character is built on how we rise from the ashes. And it is in that rebirth that we discover who we truly are.


Higher Education topics:

Sisterhood & Finding Your Tribe:: Leveraging Your Leadership  //  #GirlCode Confidence
Mental Health & Overall Wellness::  FireStarter Sessions  //  Breathe & Lead
Strength & Confidence::  Made For More  //  Greek to Hired



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