Speaking Topics:

Growing Wild:  Finding Beauty in Rock Bottom

A thriving career, happy marriage, and balanced, well-rounded children.  Picturesque. Social media-worthy. But what few knew is that by her twenties, Kathryn Vigness had already lived a life full of pain and heartache. At age 15, she had survived a tragic car accident in rural Minnesota, flying through the windshield of her high school sweetheart’s car and sustaining life-threatening injuries that left her not only physically, but spiritually, shattered. After the accident, a startling secret sends Kathryn on a decade-long journey for validation.
In her signature keynote based on her memoir, Growing Wild, we follow Kathryn’s life from the farm, as a heartbroken girl longing for answers and certainty, to adulthood where she seeks external acceptance and her “happily ever after.” In her quest for identity, she shapeshifts through roles as the fixer, the grad student, the professional, the wife, the mother, the philanthropist, and the caregiver. Checking all the boxes and doing all the right things to create her perfect life, Kathryn realizes she still isn’t “there”—which brings her to confront her deepest fear: that she’ll never be enough.
By growing beyond the white picket fence and returning to her roots, Kathryn is able to forgive herself for her past and finally finds a solstice in unbecoming everything she told herself she had to be—and helping others do the same.

Speak Your TRUTH:  Using Resiliency to Rise Up

Kathryn will inspire joy and hope, as she brings her real and raw story of courage to the table.  Through this keynote, Kathryn guides and empowers women with a fire in their bellies and who desire to be something more, to be fully seen in the world and to create a big impact. As the constant “fixer” in her life, Kathryn finally uses her courage to confront her past, let go of how life should have looked like, and fully step into her personal power.  Kathryn takes you on a journey of turning her tragic past into power, learning how to stop playing small, and finally breaking away from the stories and roles that have defined her for decades.
Through Kathryn’s powerful storytelling, your audience will have a radical shift in mindset and self-awareness, understand how to turn tragedy into personal and professional transformation, and learn how to speak their TRUTH.
T- to let go (of what life should have looked like)
R- resilience (coming back to self)
U- unconditional love (forgiveness)
T- trust yourself (intuition is everything)
H- harness your truth (stand in your strengths)


Other Keynote topics:

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Audience Profile:

Women’s Events
Christianity & Faith



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