The Importance of Personal Development


Have you invested in yourself lately? As in, have you taken the time to sit and read or listen to audio books/webinars/recorded calls that make you think or stretch you outside of your comfort zone?  You know the ones, that you want to write in the margins of the book or take extensive notes or even get that “a ha!” moment from?  Yep, that’s personal development.  

Investing in yourself is so important.  Why?  Because you deserve it.  Don’t you want to live the best life that you possibly can?  Don’t you want to be able to give 100% of yourself to others without feeling drained or taken advantage of?  Just 10-15 minutes per day of personal development will increase your productivity during the day, plus it will make you feel so good to unwind and take that time for yourself.  Do you wonder why successful people always seem happy?  Quite honestly, it’s because many of them are.  They’ve taken the time to invest in themselves, so that they can turn around and invest in their businesses and constituents.  Doesn’t that sound nice?

I’m on a mission, to really focus and invest in ME this April.  I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching and in order to be able to give all of me and be fully present, I need to be selfish and take time for myself each day.  Meaning, I am going to be fully present in my own life, which turns into being fully present in others’ lives.  My personal development is going to focus mainly on me and how to live a purposeful life.  I want to put my heart out there and hope others can see how beautiful and ragged and bittersweet and amazing and raw it is.  I am ready for this next chapter.

Does this sound like something you need to start focusing on as well, but not sure where to start?  Here are a few of my favorite books to get you started:

The Purpose Driven Life– Rick Warren

Jesus Calling- Sarah Young

Awaken the Giant Within- Anthony Robbins

Break Out- Joel Osteen

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth- John C. Maxwell

PUSH- Chalene Johnson


Try it, you won’t be sorry!  Share with me what you do for developing yourself, I’d love to hear!